A Personal Message From Andy Stadler, Advanced Services Division Manager

Hello and welcome to Security Partners Monitoring,

As Manager  of the Advanced Services Division, my primary focus is to deliver high performing products and solutions for our dealer group.  With a focus on Advanced Managed Video, Access Control, and Mobile Services the Advanced Services Division of Security Partners will help you expand your security offerings, increase your RMR and grow your business.   From Video Guard Services, Digital Doorman, to Cloud Video Storage we have multiple ways to facilitate new growth for your company.

At little background .… Since 2008 I’ve been working with dealers across the country facilitating their traditional security monitoring needs.  Focusing on standard intrusion and fire protection services, my goal was to provide the highest level of 24/7 monitoring for these accounts without sacrificing our benchmark customer service.  Your customer satisfaction is our job #1 and it will always be that way here at Security Partners.

We like to develop business relationships that foster a ‘collaborative spirit’.  I’m open to building custom solutions for your clients and can help with the system design and provide valuable feedback as to recommend manufacturing partners who will support you in the long run.  With Security Partners University Education and Approved Training Modules you will be provided with the tools to be successful in any arena.

In conclusion I’m excited to be working with you.  I believe in building true business partnerships where parties work together and grow together.  These are the type of relationships we strive to create and we hope you feel the same.

Please reach out with any questions you may have about our products and services and I will be happy to answer them for you.

Now let’s go get that RMR!





Andy Stadler


Andy has been a featured speaker at these recent events:
2009 ESX Baltimore- New Industry Hires: Panel Discussion
2010- Host of Video Monitoring Solutions Network Conference: Lancaster PA
2011- ESX Charlotte: Central Station Advanced Services- Panel Discussion
2011- R4: Residential Recurring Revenue Research pilot member

CSAA Sub Committee
2012: CSAA Remote Video Monitoring Sub Committee Member

Andy Stadler is available to answer any questions regarding our Advanced Services Division, and can be reached by email, or telephone at 717-481-6379.