Using the managed video services available through Security Partners our dealers are able to reap extraordinary RMRprofits while moving their traditional security solutions into the digital age

  • Video Guard Tours
    Our most popular service provides remote guard protection utilizing video analytics or choke point IR motion to advise human activity. Video analytic cameras replace onsite guard staff for outdoor protection. When we receive an alarm of unauthorized human activity, our central station will automatically dispatch the police
  • Cloud Video Storage
    Cloud Video Storage provides your customer the ability to access their video from anywhere and from any device, including their phone. Depending on their connectivity, your customer will be able to upload and view video as fast as their connection will allow. This service provides a coding format to ensure your video is visible on all screens and optimized for high definition streaming. The player is customized for seamless integration to your site and is protected against piracy.
    Cloud video storage is the most customizable and flexible video storage on the market today. The biggest advantage to cloud video storage is its infinite bandwidth, eliminating the cost of expanding bandwidth on traditional servers and the loss of control that comes when utilizing traditional servers.
  • DVR Plus
    DVR Plus provides offsite storage of video alarms and alerts with Central Station video verification. This remote hosted video verification alarm service provides relay controlled video alarms into our central station for optimal performance and zero false alarms.
    DVR Plus is an active video system turning burglar alarms and surveillance cameras into video clips. The clip is sent to the cloud where the event is viewable at multiple locations, including your Central Station. Our technology allows us to relate alarm events with video clips from off the shelf DVR/NVR’s, both pre and post alarm. We are able to leverage these strengths by adding video to events generated by the control panel.
    The system is simple, when the event occurs, our technology generates a clip from the DVR/NVR, the clip is sent to the cloud, a text and email clip/link is sent to the client, and a clip/link is sent to us at Central Station. The clip is also stored in the client’s web interface.
    DVR Plus virtually eliminates false alarms.