Advanced Access Control

Through our Managed Access Control you will be able to offer your subscribers the latest access control technologies without the challenges associated with managing their access cards. Security Partners takes over the labor associated with adding and deleting users, printing new and replacement cards, and can lock unlock doors remotely for authorized users. Access to sensitive areas can be monitored remotely 24/7.

  • Off Site Data Lock-down
    Protect your client’s access control data using Security Partners’ fully redundant Data Vault, and save them money at the same time. By storing the access control data in the Security Partners’ secure server center, your client can rest easy knowing all of their cardholder information and reader event data stays safe. The Security Partners’ Data Vault also has an immediate return on investment; because the information is stored in our server, your client won’t have to buy a server of their own to run the system, saving them thousands of dollars.
  • Remote Access Management
    In addition to protecting the data in our Data Vault, let Security Partners handle the headache and labor of managing your client’s access control system. Available 24-hour a day, our team of dedicated operators are able to manage user profiles (adding and deleting users), give users access to areas of the facility, deliver custom data reports, and program and create new user cards on an as-needed basis.
  • Access Alarm Response & Supervision
    Power-up your client’s access control system with Security Partners’ full suite of advances access control services. In addition to Off-Site Data Lock-Down and Remote Access Management, turn your client’s access control system into an advanced facility monitoring system, with Security Partners’ Access Alarm Response. By utilizing our state-of-the-art advanced services, users are now able to receive alarm notifications and around the clock alarm response for forced entries, doors left open, and all trouble and supervisory signals, turning their access control into another line of defense.