Building a Proactive Service Department:

August 24, 2018

As with all industries, customer service is one of, if not the most important aspect of your business. Keeping customers happy is one of the main goals for every organization. To accomplish this goal, being proactive is a must. A proactive, data driven service department reaches out directly to customers and directly offers them service. Better yet, the sales team is reaching out with service plan options to up-sell the clients. This is all made possible by using your resources and data.

            To help push your service department, Security Partners offers our Dealer Report Card. This optimized report gives you clear organized data that shows total alarms by site, totals alarms by type, and a summary of customer’s request for service. Our Dealer Report Card helps you to quickly analyze trends to help your business grow. Now that you know what accounts you need to focus on we can address them multiple ways. Start by managing the communication with your subscriber and tag their account for service. Service can either be scheduled or pushed out, but always make sure that notifications from the Central Station are managed in a way that is efficient for you.

While our Dealer Report Card is generated regularly by Security Partners if you need real time data you can always access this information on your BoldNetNeo dashboard. You have many different options in Bold when it comes to managing your data and service requests. Action Patterns can be adjusted via templates to make the signals log-only for a temporary time frame until service can be scheduled. Your subscriber can also be offered auto-notifications until service can be scheduled to fix the issue.

Action Pattern Templates can be a great way to manage your various accounts and Central Station communications. Utilizing a ‘one size fits all’ approach and having the subscriber repeatedly place zones and accounts on-test can be time consuming and lacks in customer service. We find it helpful to take the time and implement templates for your focus accounts that will help save you time in the long run and provide excellent customer service to your client. Providing excellent customer service not only keeps your client happy, but it also improves your change of gaining referrals and up-selling opportunities. Our Dealer Support department is happy to work with you to create a few template options to get you started. Once the Transmitter Type templates are in place you can adjust and manage in Neo. Your dealer health report can provide you overview of all your account templates to help you keep track of everything.

Making the change from an ‘order taking’ service department to a ‘solution selling’ service department is only a few clicks away. Security Partners’ Dealer Report Card and BoldNetNeo Dashboard and template management can drive this initiative for you! For more information on template management how to build a proactive service department, contact our Sales Department at 855.655.7685 or at

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