Managing Your Customer Experience with Central Station

September 14, 2018

Communication is key, you've heard this phrase plenty of times. This phrase especially rings true when it comes to managing your subscriber's experience. There are many ways to communicate with your customers. It is key to identify what method of communication works best not only for you but for your clients.


Phone calls are one of the most popular forms of communication in the business world. Below is a breakdown to the pros and cons to communicating with your client over the phone. 


 To review, phone calls are only effective if the subscriber answers the phone most of the time and if the alarm traffic is low enough to avoid annoyance. being in contact with your customer is a good thing, but there can be too much of a good thing. If customers feel like they are being called too many times they might stop answering and have a negative experience. 


More and more dealers are straying away from phone communications and are turning to email notifications to stay in touch with subscribers. Our custom reporting is easy to read, allows you to sort and filter communications, and helps you prioritize your tasks. You can easily track any email notifications with our email notification activity log feature. This allows you to see that a signal was received and if operator action was required. 


This trend is working for dealers across the country, but don't take our word for it. Here is what one of our dealers had to say about their transition.


"We made the decision to migrate to email notification as our primary trouble notification option about two years ago. Customer service played a big part due to the consistency of the automated response to the customer. I know that the customer is being properly notified of any potential issue with their system immediately with no delay waiting for an operator to become available to make phone calls. Email notification is also less obtrusive to our subscribers. An email at 2 am about a battery trouble is much preferable to a call from an operator."


Security Partners also offers text message notifications. This way your subscribers can get notified in a less obtrusive way that they are sure to see. Our text alerts also allow for two-way communication, creating a more user-friendly experience. Instant alarm notifications contain response prompts. This feature defaults to standard procedure if we no do receive a response, this is all without any operator action. 


Both email and text notifications offer instant notification to multiple contacts simultaneously. Having client notifications in writing also eliminates the risk of miscommunication while increasing the speed of high priority dispatch alarms. Managing your subscriber's experience centers around effective communication. Knowing what notification method best fits you client will help to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. To learn more please contact our Dealer Support Department at 844.789.8990 or




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