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3 Reasons Why Full Redundancy is a MUST When Looking for a Wholesale Security Monitoring Service

When looking for a wholesale security monitoring service, finding a company that offers full redundancy should be one of the most important factors in your decision. At Security Partners, we are a true partner in your business, committed to supporting your business and providing unmatched peace of mind to your customers. That’s why we’ve designed our locations, systems and infrastructure to be fully redundant. Read on to learn why full redundancy is such an important factor in achieving this goal! 

Improved network reliability increases customer satisfaction
If your wholesale monitoring service only has one station and it goes offline, your customers’ service will be down completely. With redundant central monitoring stations, if one station goes down, the other stations remain in operation.  

At Security Partners, we offer three fully redundant central monitoring stations located in three separate time zones and powered by three different national power grids. Simply put, your customers’ service will never be offline. This eliminates customer service issues on your end and increases customer trust and satisfaction with their service.  

Ensures network availability, no matter what
As a commercial or residential security alarm dealer, you know that downtime is never an option. Your customers rely on you to respond to any issues in a timely manner in order to protect their most valuable assets – their business and their families.  

We designed the infrastructure of our central monitoring stations to avoid service interruptions. Signals are seamlessly routed between all three of our central monitoring stations to ensure that your network is available 24/7/365. This eliminates any situation that could hinder the ability to respond to you or your customers.  

Mission-critical technology protects you and your clients
Fully redundant stations are only as good as the technology put into them. At Security Partners, we provide true redundancy through the use of mission-critical technology. Not only do we have multiple central monitoring stations, but each station is equipped with primary and back-up generators, multiple uninterruptible power supplies, and redundant HVAC and automation systems.  

In addition, our IT, telephony and communications systems are all completely redundant to provide failsafe technology so our central monitoring stations rarely go completely offline. And, with highly-trained staff members to operate our stations, you can be assured that you can count on us and to support you and your customers in any situation.  

Ready to Learn More
If you have been searching for a wholesale alarm monitoring service to be a true partner that can help your business thrive by offering your customers increased satisfaction and peace of mind, contact us today. One of our dedicated Account Managers is ready to help. We look forward to learning more about your business and determining how we can help!   


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