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3 Ways to Grow Your Business with Alarm Monitoring

You’re doing your research and choosing a new wholesale alarm monitoring service for your business. But what should you look for in a monitoring partner? Consider the ways the right central station provider can help your business become more efficient, productive and profitable.  At Security Partners, that’s what sets us apart – we help our dealers grow their businesses.  

Read on to learn how a true partner can do so much more than monitor your clients’ homes and businesses! And think about the ways your business can grow with the right kind of support.  

Offer Additional Services
Expanding your offerings is a surefire way to attract new clients. If your main focus has been residential, you could expand your services to meet the needs of the commercial market. If you’re just offering basic alarm systems, you might also consider providing CCTV installations and the supporting video monitoring services. No matter what services you decide to add to the mix, we’re here to help you scale, while providing recommendations and best practices gained from years of experience along the way. 

Maximize Efficiency
At Security Partners, our dealer support team is here to help you run your business more efficiently. That means assisting with account setup, testing and troubleshooting. It means being available day in and day out to provide reporting, help you transfer accounts, and take up the extra work so you don’t have to add payroll.  

In addition, with our BoldNet software, you have access to everything our central monitoring stations are seeing in real-time from wherever you are. Talk about a time-saver! You can view history, check status, and access keyholder contact information. Best of all, you’ll be able to set clients up faster, perform more timely service calls and ultimately increase your productivity and profitability with this innovative software.  

Win More Customers
The features and benefits your central station provider offers can be a huge differentiator in helping you outsell your competition. At Security Partners, we’re committed to helping you offer more robust services than your competitors, with three fully redundant central monitoring stations and mission-critical redundant systems. Combined with our TMA 5-Diamond Certified team, our facilities and infrastructure will help make your company an easy sell for your sales reps. 

We are also one of the only national central monitoring stations that provide each of our dealers with a dedicated Account Manager. Our security industry experts have decades of experience and are available to meet face-to-face, provide training, and share their knowledge to help you improve and grow your business.  

Ready to Learn More?
Whether you are looking to expand your services, maximize efficiency, or increase customer satisfaction, our team is here to help you grow. To learn more about the ways you can grow your business with our alarm monitoring services, contact us today. We look forward to partnering with you!  


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