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Licenses & Certifications

Licenses & Certifications

In order to give both you and your clients peace of mind, we take training, licensing and certifications very seriously. Our hiring and onboarding processes include extensive background checks and drug screenings, and all of our alarm monitoring operators attend mandatory classroom training and shadowing roles before they graduate to working independently.


Our current certifications are listed below. If you have questions about the process for gaining these credentials, our training processes, or our services, please contact us today.

This certification indicates that our equipment, software, maintenance, record-keeping and operator response times meet or exceed minimum UL standard requirements.

This certification indicates that our alarm monitoring centers comply with the stringent Factory Mutual insurance requirements for monitoring highly-protected risk properties (HPR’s).

This prestigious certification is awarded by our national industry association to monitoring companies that meet the highest levels of professionalism, training and performance in the industry.

This certification is awarded to alarm monitoring operators who complete and pass rigorous courses through The Monitoring Association, our industry’s governing body. Team members with these certifications represent the best, most highly-trained alarm monitoring operators in the country. We require all of our monitoring operators to pass these certifications and maintain current continuing education credits in order to be employed with us.


We are currently hold more than 200 individual state and municipal licenses, and we are proud to be licensed to provide central station monitoring in every single required market in the United States. If you have questions about the process for gaining these licenses, or if you require a license for us to support your business in your specific location, please contact us today.


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