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With three UL-listed, FM-approved, TMA 5-Diamond-Certified central station monitoring centers strategically located across the country, Security Partners is proud to offer fully-redundant, 24/7/365 wholesale monitoring services.

Dual Dedicated Fiber Network Connections Between All Locations

Each of our locations is fully built out with the latest IT and communications technology. And, most importantly, each of our locations is staffed by a highly-trained team of TMA Level 1 and TMA Level 2 certified call center reps. This means you can trust that our staff will effectively support your customers no matter what circumstances may arise.

Our Lancaster, PA location includes our corporate headquarters, a fully-redundant central monitoring station, and a team of dealer support staff, supervisors and managers. Constructed as an adaptive reuse of an industrial building from the late 1800’s, this site was designed from the ground up to facilitate our best-in-class security monitoring capabilities.

Our San Antonio location features a second fully-redundant central monitoring station, plus the technology and team to respond to signals, and support our dealer network from across the country. Like all of our locations, San Antonio features best-in-class IT, telephony and communications infrastructure in addition to a highly-trained team of security professionals.

Totally renovated in 2014, our third redundant central monitoring station is housed in a highly secure former Federal government data center in Las Vegas. In addition to the latest communications, IT, telephony, and monitoring technology, our team in Las Vegas includes monitoring operators, dealer support and IT staff as well as supervisors and managers who are dedicated to supporting your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our three, fully-redundant locations can support your business, contact us today to request a consultation. In addition, for a virtual tour of our Lancaster, PA facility, please click the banner below.


Wholesale Central Station Monitoring From Three Fully-Interconnected, Fully-Redundant Locations

Lancaster, PA
San Antonio, TX
Las Vegas, NV

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