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Creative Ways to Resell Video Monitoring Services

Video monitoring is so much more than guarding entrances, exits and driveways. Using today’s advanced video technology there are all sorts of creative ways to leverage a wholesale video monitoring service to protect your clients’ homes and businesses while boosting your bottom line. 

Whether your customers need basic video verification services, more extensive video guarding, or complex commercial loss prevention and productivity monitoring, our TMA 5-Diamond-Certified team can provide the kind of first-class service that makes your customers feel safe and provides you with peace of mind. 

How To Grow Your Business With Video Monitoring Services 

Residential Video Monitoring
Residential camera systems can act as a crime deterrent but also can help your clients keep an eye on babysitters or other caregivers looking after their loved ones. With our video monitoring service working for you behind the scenes, it’s easy to make the switch to selling and installing residential video systems and monitoring services. It’s one surefire way to grow revenue without the expense of additional staff and monitoring infrastructure. 

If your company already sells residential alarm systems, we can help you learn how to start selling video surveillance systems and residential video monitoring services. You already have the customer, so it’s easy to slip an additional product and service into the mix. If your company already sells video monitoring packages to businesses, you might want to consider offering residential video monitoring equipment and services to homeowners as well. When you already know the technology, it’s easy to jump into a similar market and grow sales. 

Video Monitoring for Businesses
From loss prevention to productivity monitoring, risk management and beyond, we can help you keep your customers’ businesses safe, productive and profitable. With video surveillance in place, their employees are more likely to remain on task, take breaks more efficiently and feel safer in the workplace knowing they’re being monitored.  

So if your business sells commercial alarm and fire systems, we can help you learn how to sell video systems and the corresponding monitoring services, too. And if you sell residential video monitoring systems, we can help you understand how businesses leverage this technology to maximize security, productivity and profitability – while providing you with wholesale video monitoring service that you can resell to boost your bottom line. 

Multi-Location Support
If you’re looking to provide video monitoring systems for multi-location businesses, franchises or even national chains, we’re a turnkey corporate security monitoring solution that will help you reduce overhead while maximizing the productivity, profitability and safety of the enterprise. 

From schools and colleges, to health care, financial, retail and hospitality, our experienced team can develop a multi-location monitoring solution for any size organization. With three interconnected, fully-redundant central stations located throughout the country, we can provide a wide range of wholesale video monitoring services tailored to the unique needs of multi-location organizations.  

Ready to Boost Your Business?
The best wholesale monitoring partner will be there for you whenever you need them, while helping you grow your business. So if you think that your operation could benefit by adding video surveillance systems and video monitoring services into your product mix, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to grow your business with creative video monitoring solutions! 


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