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How the Three T’s of Wholesale Security Monitoring Work Together to Help Your Business Thrive

wholesale security monitoring service is only as good as the team, the tools and the technology that they provide. At Security Partners, we designed our business and our infrastructure with these three T’s in mind. With three fully staffed, fully redundant monitoring centers operating 24/7/365, these three T’s work together seamlessly to help your business thrive. Read on to learn more! 

The Team
We begin with our highly trained team members because the technology and the tools are only as good as the people who stand behind them. From our dealer support team, to our business development team, to our highly trained monitoring operators, we have the people you can count on to help your business thrive.  

Our business development team has decades of experience working with all types of alarm systems dealers and are eager to share their knowledge for your benefit. They’re committed to helping your business grow by sharing best practices and connecting you with marketing materials and sales resources so you can confidently approach new customers and grow your existing client base.  Our dealer support team is standing by to help in any way they can, from migrating accounts to testing, troubleshooting and reporting. And of course our TMA 5-Diamond certified operators are standing by 24/7/365 to keep your customers safe.  

The Tools
At Security Partners, we give you the tools to more effectively serve your customers, and more efficiently manage your business. Thanks to the industry-leading BoldNet software platform, we make it easy for you to access your customers’ status in real time from any location. Put systems on test, monitor alerts, and set up new shells easily from any internet connected device. In addition, we support a wide array of smart-home integration platforms, such as, serving as a single contact for dealers who wish to offer these integrations to their customers.  

We can also provide sales and marketing tools, business development coaching, and ideas on how to incorporate new products or services with your customers. We’re a true partner who will give you the tools you need to grow your business, efficiently and profitably.  

The Technology
Finally, thanks to best-in-class, fully redundant IT and communications technology, we’ll keep your customers safe. With three fully interconnected central stations, in three separate time zones and on three separate power grids, we’ll make sure your customers’ systems are monitored effectively no matter what.  

Signals can be routed dynamically between our locations, and each location has fail-safe building systems for security, HVAC and more. Our systems use the latest video monitoring algorithms to flag alerts to our operators, and each of our monitoring centers includes a video wall where multiple team members can have eyes on any alert that comes across our network.  

Ready to Learn More About the T’s of Wholesale Alarm Monitoring?
Contact us today to learn more about how the right team, smart tools, and mission-critical technology can help your business get ahead. We look forward to partnering with you to keep your customers safe while helping your business thrive. 


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