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See How Our Wholesale Security Video Monitoring Team Responds When it Matters Most

The systems that dealers install are only as good as the wholesale video monitoring service they use and the team monitoring it. That’s why at Security Partners we offer best-in-class technology, fully redundant and interconnected central monitoring stations, and a highly-trained team of operators ready to respond to video alerts 24/7/365. Read on for some real-world examples of how our wholesale video monitoring team helped protect our clients’ customers. 

Store Robbery Attempt Foiled
A potential robbery was prevented thanks to the watchful eyes and quick thinking of team members at our headquarters in Lancaster, PA. Police were quickly dispatched to the scene and the crisis was averted. 

Kitchen Fire Crisis Averted
A third-shift supervisor at our central station in San Antonio helped prevent a kitchen fire at a condominium complex from raging out of control. Our team member saw the fire within 1 second and took action within 15 seconds to save the day. 

Residential Fire Extinguished
A fire on a customer’s property was rapidly spreading, but a video monitoring specialist at our San Antonio central station helped contain the fire. His quick actions helped ensure that the fire was quickly extinguished. 

Metal Recycling Yard Fire Contained
There’s nothing like having your wholesale alarm monitoring service team remotely extinguish a fire at your customer’s facility. A team leader at our San Antonio Central Station was able to prepare nitro, aim and spray to extinguish a rapidly growing fire at a metal recycling yard within 30 seconds of the alert. Her prompt response prevented the fire from escalating and any further damage from occurring. 

Break-in Attempt Prevented
A video monitoring specialist at our San Antonio Central Station quickly identified an intruder on a client’s property and dispatched the police. Upon arrival, police were able to apprehend a suspect trying to break into a parked vehicle on the property. 

Nowhere to Hide
There’s no need to enlist the help of a neighborhood watch when your customers’ homes and businesses are protected by Security Partners. Our video monitoring team is constantly keeping a watchful eye on your customers’ properties and can thwart potential crimes with our two-way communication capability. One of our team leads quickly spotted and performed a “shout down” on a trespasser while dispatching police to the scene. Police arrived and were able to locate the intruder, who was hiding in a boat.  

No Alert Goes Unchecked
Sometimes customers can accidentally trip their own alarm. However, thanks to our 24/7/365 monitoring team, we investigate any alert  – even if the customer doesn’t think there’s cause for concern. A third-shift supervisor at our San Antonio Central Station recently contacted a customer after an alarm was tripped on a vehicle at a property we monitor. She was told to disregard the alert by the unsuspecting client. However, the supervisor continued to monitor the situation and noticed a suspicious man walking around the vehicle. She immediately dispatched police, who were able to apprehend the intruder. 

Quick Action Extinguishes Fire
Attention and quick response time can be everything to help avoid a potential disaster.  One of our video monitoring specialists detected and remotely extinguished a small flame that was growing before it did any significant damage to the property. 

Ready to Protect Your Home or Business?
It should give you great peace of mind to know that if something happens to your customers’ homes or businesses, we’ve got you covered!  Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale alarm monitoring services. We look forward to partnering with you to protect your clients!  


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