When Looking for a Wholesale Alarm Monitoring Reseller, Look for a True Partner

When looking for a wholesale alarm monitoring reseller it pays to look for a true partner, not just another vendor. And at Security Partners, the word “partner” isn’t just a part of our name – it’s something we live and breathe with our clients every single day.

We don’t just want to be a vendor, we want to be more than that. We want to understand your business needs, eliminate pain points, create efficiencies, and help your business grow. To us, this is what being a true partner means.  

So read on to learn more about how a strong wholesale central station service can help your business, and contact us today to discuss how the right kind of partnership will help your business!

A true partner understands your business.
No matter what type of alarm dealer you are, residential, commercial, small, medium or large, a true partner will get to know your business. Thanks to a dedicated Account Manager who will visit your location and get to know you, we’ll first learn what makes your business tick and then recommend ways we can help. From leveraging our team to help with data entry, to providing software that will allow you to more efficiently manage your accounts, to recommending additional services that you can upsell to your customers, we design solutions that are as unique as each of our clients. 

A true partner offers excellent service.
Even outside of normal business hours a true partner is available to help. That’s why you can speak with our central station 24/7/365. Plus, our dedicated dealer support team is available six days a week during extended business hours. Our dealer support staff can provide you with system testing, shell creation, reporting, troubleshooting assistance, IT help and more. So, whether it’s our front-line monitoring center operators, IT staff, or our expert dealer support staff, we’re always happy to provide information, answer questions, input account information, and help with just about any type of dealer service you need. In short, we provide helpful, flexible service that makes it easier for you to run your business.

A true partner is invested in your success.
At Security Partners, we measure our success based on the success of our dealers. So if we’re doing a good job, we’re making you more successful. That means getting to know you, providing first-class customer service, and consistently helping your business grow. From connecting you with business development tools, to providing sales and marketing resources, to sharing the best practices gained from decades in the industry, we are 100% invested in helping you win new customers and grow your business. Not all central stations can make this commitment, and it’s an important one!

Ready to Learn More?
If you are searching for a wholesale alarm monitoring reseller who can be the kind of partner that will help your business thrive, contact us today. One of our dedicated Account Managers will reach out to you learn more about your business and discuss how we can help. We look forward to partnering with you!


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