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PERS & mPERS Monitoring

PERS & mPERS Monitoring

If you’re an alarm dealer who sells or rents PERS and mPERS security systems, we have the tools, the team and the technology to support you with best-in-class wholesale PERS and mPERS monitoring services.

Thanks to three fully-redundant, fully-interconnected central stations, and a team of highly-trained operators, we accept incoming calls and signals from across the country 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

With First View in under 10 seconds and First Action in less than 20 seconds, our TMA-Certified operators will recognize your clients’ personal medical and security signals and open two-way voice communication immediately. Once connected, they’re trained to assess the situation and quickly alert local first-responders with exact GPS coordinates, as well as notify other concerned parties as defined for each end user.

Our monitoring center operators are all trained emergency first responders, and many of them are EMT’s, so no matter what, you can count on them to respond quickly, professionally and compassionately to any situation. And thanks to our commitment to ongoing training and process optimization, you can count on us to handle incoming signals and calls consistently each and every time.

What makes our wholesale PERS and mPERS monitoring service different?

  • Three fully-redundant, fully-interconnected central stations
  • Located in different time zones, and on different national power grids
  • TMA 5-Diamond-Certified operators working 24/7/365
  • First View within 10 seconds, First Action within 20 seconds
  • Custom protocols for each account, client and/or signal
  • Operators can use your business name when responding
  • Fail-safe IT, telephony & communications infrastructure
  • Fully-redundant and backed-up building infrastructure
  • UL-Certified, FM-Approved, TMA 5-Diamond-Certified
  • And more, contact us to find out

If you’re looking for a wholesale central station solution that can quickly respond to PERS and mPERS alerts 24/7/365, contact us today to learn more. We appreciate your interest and look forward to determining how we can help.


Wholesale Central Station Monitoring From Three Fully-Interconnected, Fully-Redundant Locations

Lancaster, PA
San Antonio, TX
Las Vegas, NV

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