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Security, Fire & Medical Monitoring

Security, Fire & Medical Monitoring

Our best-in-class security monitoring service is the result of state-of-the-art technology, true redundancy and a professional team of highly-trained operators.

With three fully-redundant, fully-interconnected central stations accepting incoming signals from across the country, we’re ready for any situation. And whether it’s a fire alarm, burglar alarm, or any other type of signal, you can count on our team to respond quickly and professionally 24/7/365.

In almost every case, we achieve First View within 10 seconds and First Action within 20 seconds. That means we have eyes on your customers’ signals and initiate our response almost instantly. But more importantly, we monitor our response times and engage in a process of constant improvement. This allows us to optimize our processes and training to deliver the best results consistently.

Once a signal is recognized, our TMA 5-Diamond-Certified operators follow the custom protocol that is defined for each unique signal. This could include initiating video verification, alerting keyholders, opening a channel for two-way voice communication, or dispatching local authorities. No matter what, our operators respond quickly and professionally each and every time, giving you confidence and giving your customers peace of mind.

What makes our security, fire and medical monitoring service different?

  • Three fully-redundant, fully-interconnected central stations
  • Located in different time zones, and on different national power grids
  • TMA 5-Diamond-Certified operators working 24/7/365
  • First View within 10 seconds, First Action within 20 seconds
  • Custom protocols for each account, client and/or signal
  • Operators can use your business name when responding
  • Fail-safe IT, telephony & communications infrastructure
  • Fully-redundant and backed-up building infrastructure
  • UL Certified, FM-Approved, TMA 5-Diamond Certified
  • And more, contact us to find out

If you’re looking for a wholesale security, fire and medical monitoring service that will give you and your customers peace of mind each and every day, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more and request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


Wholesale Central Station Monitoring From Three Fully-Interconnected, Fully-Redundant Locations

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